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You are open and sociable ready to engage in new things and learn from others, have fun dealing with children and young people, just a little free time ... and want to put them to good service? Then become part of our network of volunteers!

Since our foundation a lot of volunteers have been coming regularly to support us and have become an internal part of our team.
You can either get involved here in Lomé one time, longer or shorter but you can also get active for the children who live on the street in Togo from anywhere else in the world.


  • Care in our daycare centers teaching learning , discovering , interacting with marginalized and isolated children in their living environment.

  • For public events (festival, galas, concerts, exhibitions general meeting etc.): preparation and logistics, reception public relations

  • Help with translation of documents and publications info French/English/German/Spanish etc.

  • Support in the production of content for our website and our social media channels : graphic creations : computer graphics, brochures, video editors photographers and video makers (for events in Togo or France or Germany) photo library management...

  • Support the fundraising department in establishing and maintaining contacts with possible supporters and donors.

  • Maintenance of partnership with companies and municipalities maintenance of databases.

  • Put your network at the service of our NGO.

Every contribution as small as it may seem help us to function, to develop and to fight together for social justice.


I met Hälsa a few weeks after my arrival in Togo and started to participate. I met people from different backgrounds which helped me a lot to get used to life here. My experience as a volunteer was essential for my integration into the Togolese community.


Working at Hälsa International Togo made it possible to develop new skills: I learned a lot from the isolated children whose intelligence and openness sometimes surprised me. I have made many new friends and I am happy about my time with Hälsa.


I wanted to deal with children when I arrived in Togo and founded a suitable volunteer position at Hälsa International Togo. So every Wednesday and Thursday I was involved in the animation in the day centers for the street children for several months. Every week I organized something special with the children: photo frame workshops music chairs, football...lots of activities to channel their overflowing energy. At the same time I was able to see how the team worked hard to reintegrate these children into their families. This not only promotes the community but also integrate and tolerance.


I can not afford to come to Togo but thanks to Hälsa I found a way to get involved in children's right and live my passion to the fullest. I help the team develop communication tools and look for new partners who can support actions for the benefit of these marginalized and isolated children . I'm proud to contribute to this mission even when I'm far away

Jorhinda, FRANCE

My experience with Hälsa International was excellent. At least on a small scale I was able to help street children have small moments of happiness and a better quality of life . I learned a lot from the Hälsa team and hope that many other people can come to help us.


I wanted to share my knowledge and contribute meaningfully. At Hälsa International I was able to do just that. Not only did I get involved in the Alternative School project,I also saw the children being helped at all levels.


Become an Ambassador

In 2017 we started the Hälsa International Togo Ambassador Program . We want to use the ambassadors to make the public, politicians and the media aware of the unacceptable situation of the more than 7000 street children in Togo who suffer from hunger and various forms of violence.

The majority of these children are between 8 and 17 years old and live in poverty, deprived of the most basic rights: access to health care, a protected environment , education and nutrition.

Governments alone cannot solve this problem. The mobilization of the public and private sectors, the participation of civil society and the pooling collective and individual resources are necessary to break this vicious circle.

The ambassadors of Hälsa International Togo are personally and professionally committed to combating child poverty and fight with us for the mission of Hälsa International: to create a world that promotes and safeguards children's right for present and future generations. Thanks to their position and influence the ambassadors can become the voice of children whose wishes and needs are otherwise ignored. They help ensure that no child is left behind and that internationally agreed children's right in the 21st century finally comes true.

For more informations about the ambassador program contat us