Our Organization

Our Organisation


Hälsa International is a non-profit humanitarian organization founded by people who wanted to change the precarious situation of the children who live on the street in Lomé. Our main focus is to contribute with human and participatory approach to improve the health, social and cultural living conditions of children in the most vulnerable communities.

Therefore, we offer affected children free access to physical and psychological health care and create alternative educational offers such as literacy courses and citizenship. The aim of our programs is to promote the social and family reintegration of children who live on the street. This reintegration is crucial for their success personal development, their protected growing up environment and the shaping of their future.




The access to free, high quality health care and an improving conditions for the children in particularly precarious situations is a real challenge that Hälsa International Togo is fully committed to take.



In order to reintegrate marginalized children back into the society they need access to education. Therefore we do everything to offer alternative education to as many children as possible.


Reintegration into the family and society

The central goal of the work of Hälsa International Togo is to support street children in returning to their families and integrating well into the community so that they can develop well.


Children´s right

According to the “International Convention on the Rights of the Child”, is Hälsa International Togo committed to protect, to promote fundamental rights and to put children and their rights on the top of the political agenda.


We place the individual child in the center of our inclusive and participate work. We are always looking for an innovative and customized measure to respond better to the needs (security, health, education, cultural development and family mediation) of the children.




We always work in accordance with our values and principles, while keeping in mind the original vision of Hälsa International Togo. In our action and cooperation we strive for the highest level of honesty and transparency.


In order to insure the best possible implementation of the projects for the children, we place high demands on the quality of our work. Our pursuit of success, performance and aspiration drives us to do more every day to achieve our goals.


We combine a wide variety of professions in our team and can thus ensure comprehensive analyzes and the effectiveness of our intervention on site, as well as find innovative solution to improve the living conditions of street children. In order to ensure effective childcare, we work with partners whose fields of activity and areas of expertise complement ours.


We strive to develop and implement new work concepts and innovative solutions that we are constantly adapting to meet emerging needs. In this way we design our care individually and adapt our intervention to the specific need of each individual child.